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This my shit.

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This look was so important…

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Drop bows on em

Drop bows on em

when I 

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Models: DonettaJolissa & Mercedes

Photographer: Lanisha Cole

Hair: Duprice

Makeup: Salina

Clothing: Grethel Clothing

Location: Studio 401 -LA/Downtown Los Angeles

Lanisha Cole Photography

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"The Black Allure"

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Solange’s Fader Cover Shoot (BTS)

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The Cosby Show

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I loved this dance scene

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I’m out that H-Town

fuck she even got jay throwing up the longhorn im sick

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I volunteered at an art exhibit tonight and met a 35 year old investor who told me this: “You’re a baby. You’re in your 20’s and you’re taking life too seriously. Nobody expects anybody in their 20’s to have it together. I’m 35 and I’m still figuring it out. When you reach 30, trust me, you’ll stop giving a shit & start living.”

Facts only. Relax, 20-somethings. You are still growing up.

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Last night. donettajolissa